Learnify EdTech - Lärarförbundet: Uppdrag ombud

The workplace agency, which consists of 12,000 representatives and 9,000 safety representatives, are an important target group for Lärarförbundet (The Teacher’s Union). In order to support them in their assignments, Lärarförbundet needed a relevant, up-to-date education and material that is easily accessible, reaches all representatives and creates engagement at the workplace. The solution became a web-based education, largely consisting of dramatised film, which could replace a teacher-led day.

Our challenge

Lärarförbundet wanted a web-based training which would complement the teacher-led training of new agents, where some training also would be accessible for all members. The training needed to be easy to find and to use in the daily life of agents based on time and place. Our team thus had a broad audience to deal with, and in addition, the content had to be adaptable based on varying conditions.

Our solutions

The web-based training that we built consists of three sections where participants get to know several situations that may be common for new representatives. These situations are featured with dramatised films. A guide in the role of an experienced representative leads and supports participants through the training. The films are mixed with animated facts sequences, exercise questions, reflection tasks, and social exercises that allow participants to share their responses with other participants and be inspired by each other. This helps participants to continuously test, apply and reflect on their knowledge. The training works on both computers and tablets, allowing participants to implement it whenever and wherever it suits them at their own pace.

Our strengths

The content of the training could replace a previous teacher-led day for the participants. At the same time, the web-based training contributes to pre-knowledge and support for discussion meetings. Another strength of the training itself is that the examples are well rooted in the realities of the representatives, and the social exercises let the participants learn, feel supported and be inspired by each other.