Contento - Swedbank

In September 2016, we started a training project together with Swedbank to update their advisors in record speed before SwedSec’s licensing test. In the first step, there were 160 telephone advisers and other advisory staff with licensing requirements. The webinar solution was highly appreciated by the participants.

Our challenge

The goal of the initiative was for the majority of employees to cope with SwedSec’s licensing test at the first attempt. In order to meet Swedbank’s needs, we needed to find an efficient solution that could quickly be launched. At the same time, there was a need for individual support for each participant.

Our solution

In order to streamline the learning and shorten the training period, we used tailor-made, teacher-led webinars. We also identified the help that each individual employee needed then offered individual teacher support. The participants also get access to a comprehensive self-study material.

Our strengths

The advisors at Swedbank really appreciated the concept, which was also noticeable on the outcome; most of them managed to pass the licensing test on the first attempt.