Contento - ÅKU 2019

Every SwedSec licensee needs to take a yearly knowledge update in order to keep their license. SwedSec provides a number of knowledge requirements that shall provide an overview of what is expected of the licensees to know in their different positions. For 2019, Contento decided to produce a concise, effective and varied course, where each section would represent one of the seventeen knowledge requirements.

Our challenge

According to feedback from previous years’ productions, we needed to find a way to offer diversified content in ÅKU 2019. At the same time, we wanted the seventeen sections to be interconnected and a cohesive whole, even though the topics ranged from GDPR to insurance distribution.

Our solution

We divided the work of the animated fact sequences between three animators. By doing this we got a varied graphic feel. In addition to the animations, we filmed lectures, interviews and discussions with subject matter experts. By adding animations and graphics to these films, we were able to present the facts in a clear, concise way. To create further variation, and leave room for users to test and reflect on their knowledge, we added interactive exercises and shorter knowledge tests in several sections.

Contento Financial Training - ÅKU 2019 - image 1
Contento Financial Training - ÅKU 2019 - image 2
Contento Financial Training - ÅKU 2019 - image 3

Our strengths

Since we have an animator, a photographer, an audio technician, and developers available internally within the company, we were able to produce much of the material for the training ourselves. This streamlined the coordination and communication of the work. It also allowed us to take advantage of the skills we have at our disposal.

Contento Financial Training - ÅKU 2019 - image 4